Now that Starbucks has satisfied customers’ morning caffeine cravings, it will set its sights on the lunch meal business. Starbucks and other coffee stores generate about 50 percent of its business before 11 am, and the challenge is to draw non-traditional coffee traffic and entice them to stop by for lunch. [...]


Lifestyle food marketing is segmentspecific but can broadly be defined by coupling widely available, affordable, and tasty foods throughout life to enhance nutrition for general wellbeing, as well as to promote optimal health. In this emerging arena, the boundaries between grocery and food service continue to blur. [...]

Impossible Is Possible

To cater to increasing consumer demands for less meat and meat-free options, plant meat foods need to get more realistic, such as with the ‘plant blood’ by impossible foods. Henk Hoogenkamp addresses the flexitarian trend and recent developments with meat-free food. [...]

Cellular Agriculture, The Magic Touch

The world of food science is quickly marching into new territories using post-animal biotechnology and bioeconomy models to provide sustainable and healthy food security and nourishment for a rapidly growing global population. [...]

Column McDelivery (Dutch)

Heel langzaam trekken de donkere wolken weg boven McDonald's Amerika. Er is nog wel een discrepantie tussen de klagende franchisers en de opgewekte aandeelhouders, maar het lek schijnt boven te zijn. [...]

Plant meat is niet langer wishful thinking (Dutch)

Als Meat&Co.-columnist heeft u Henk Hoogenkamp al vaak voorbij zien komen binnen onze redactionele kolommen. In zijn columns laat deze wereldwijd gerespecteerde eiwitgoeroe zijn licht schijnen op brandende ontwikkelingen binnen zijn vakgebied. [...]

The Impossible is Now Possible

Meat happens to be incredibly tasty and nutritious. Perhaps the only way to compete is to develop a superior plant based product that is at least equally good in organoleptic performance. [...]

Meat of the Matter Bye, Bye Burgers

The Golden Arches are as ubiquitous a sight along American roadways as stop signs and red lights, both of which are symbolic of the response consumers have been delivering to the global fast-food chain of late. [...]


The verdict is out: as far as Millennials (born 1982-2004) are concerned, McDonald’s flagship product “Big Mac” has gotten less relevant. It is shocking to know that just one in five Millennials –the fast-food core target group- has ever eaten a Big Mac hamburger. [...]

Weniger ist mehr (German)

Bluthochdruck, Darmkrebs, Herz-Kreislauf-Probleme: Fu¨r viele Krankheiten wird ein u¨bermäßiger Verzehr von Fleisch und Fleischwaren verantwortlich gemacht. Stattdessen macht es mehr Sinn, Rezepturen zu modifizieren oder Zubereitungsarten zu ändern. [...]

Are Natural and Organic Foods Environmentally Sustainable?

The emerging young American generation increasingly rejects artificial dyes, flavourings, preservatives and GMO, and demand food formulated with ingredients they recognise and are, preferably, of natural origin. Sales of many legacy or mainstream brands known to make processed food with artificial ingredients and additives have suffered, while many startup entrepreneurial natural-food companies have grown. It seems the bigger the food company; the fewer consumers trust it. [...]

Plants - The Future of Meat

The past is our guide, but it need not dictate tomorrow. A real revolution is unfolding in the food world resulting in meat analogs that taste like the real thing. The only catch? It is made purely of plant protein, but that seems to be the future of meat. [...]

Silicon Valley Food Revolution (Dutch) part II

In Silicon Valley lopen nogal wat ondernemersgeesten rond die schathemeltjerijk zijn geworden door tegen de stroom in te zwemmen. Door miljarden te besteden, voelen sommige ondernemers zich met jeugdig elan geroepen om pro-actief een oplossing te vinden voor de wereldvoedselproblematiek. In dit nummer het tweede deel van het artikel over de Silicon Valley Food Revolution. [...]

Silicon Valley Food Revolution (Dutch)

Silicon Valley, het gebied ten zuiden van San Francisco, is hard op weg om met hulp van bij de ontwikkeling van social media verkregen knowhow nu ook de voedingsmiddelenindustrie te transformeren. [...]

Neuro- of pseudowetenschap

De breinactiviteit van mensen verandert bij het zien van vertrouwde merken. Ons geheugencentrum, de hippocampus, draait op volle toeren bij positieve herinneringen. [...]

McDonald’s Fast Food has Slowed Down

McDonald’s is seen as the mother of all burger joints and together with Apple the most potent symbol of America around the globe. The US is by far the largest market for McDonald’s, where it has 14,200 of its 35,000 restaurants. McDonald’s is squeezed by competition; not only from a revitalized Burger King, but also from other fast-food companies such as KFC, Chick-Fil-A, Five Guys, In-NOut, Subway and Starbucks. [...]

Forever Young Cosmeceuticals

Cosmeceuticals are usually based on the performance of specific antioxidants, collagen or protein peptides, and other bioactive compounds, such as flavanols and polyphenols. [...]

GMO – For Profit and Humanity

The fear of biotechnology can be slowly changed to a more positive awareness that, with strict controls, the science will ultimately become a cornerstone for sustainable food production and health improvement. [...]

Emerging markets fuel the debate on GMO

When it comes to opposing views on gm-biotechnology the world is mainly divided into America and the EU. Emerging markets – particularly Asia and the Middle East – demand more food, especially meat and dairy away from traditional staples such as rice and vegetables. [...]

Food for Oil

The interest in bio-fuels and other industrial opportunities has expanded exceptionally. Major companies are rapidly moving beyond food and are looking for ways to embrace renewable fuel. [...]