Are Natural and Organic Foods Environmentally Sustainable?

It has been said that food companies turn additives and ingredients into food products. Food and ingredients that give the impression that they are “natural” and have not been processed too harshly are of great appeal to consumers. There is little doubt that the big American food companies are in the midst of a public relation crisis. The prevailing sentiment of the Millennial consumer is that their mental picture of hyper-processed robotic-made food is not in sync with the expectations of their evolving lifestyles, and this provokes fears about the true composition of these products. In other words, modern consumers are increasingly approaching processed foods with a skeptical eye. It should also be said that the perceived naturalness is often synonymous with premiumisation, attracting customers who have the means to afford these food products. Consumers perceive foods with any “freefrom” claim to be both healthier and less processed. Although the fear of artificial dyes and preservatives lacks scientific basis, consumers have been pushing to have these eliminated from the ingredient line-up.

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