• 01 June 2015

Plant Protein Vision- Rice Bran Protein, Pea Protein, Soy Protein

Hoogenkamp is well recognized as an innovative industry-leader. His visionary skills have been instrumental in expanding functional protein performance across the globe. Henk’s acute business sense helped revolutionize both dairy and plant protein industry. Being often ahead of the curve, he is known for finding solutions of problems that don’t exist (yet)!

Henk Hoogenkamp has a worldwide reach in designing and implementing strategic technologies to advance sustainable, tasty, and healthy food products. A Board Member of public listed enterprises and also serves on the Advisory Boards of food ingredient and equipment companies.

Hoogenkamp’s name is synonymous with emerging food technologies and he is known throughout the industry as a solid entrepreneurial-driven person who consistently takes the high road, including acting as a mentor for young aspiring technologists. His heart is as big as his writers’ ethics are strong. His career spans more than three decades and boasts a long list of milestone protein applications discoveries, including sport nutrition, cream cordials, whole muscle injectables, hydrolyzed milk protein, and plant protein for extruded meat-free foods. Hoogenkamp’s grand vision has clearly turned into reality now that world’s largest fast food companies are using plant protein solutions to provide wholesome and affordable nutrition to meet or exceed consumer expectations.

As evolving lifestyles, food choices and its related dynamic society diagnostics continue to accelerate, Henk’s latest work on plant protein is timely and enlightening for the food industry to better anticipate the world of tomorrow.

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