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SUSTAINABLE PROTEIN SOLUTIONS (click for table of contents)

Henk Hoogenkamp is recognized as an interdisciplinary writer who balances the world between food proteins, social interactions, environment, as well as the disruption of the marketing dynamics. The 602 page book “Sustainable Protein Solutions” provides valuable insights into the complexity of traditional and emerging food protein ingredients to secure food availability while safeguarding nutritional optimization.

In the decades to come, the world will witness an evolution where food production systems that are bio-regenerative will be needed to provide communities with nutritious, tasty, and affordable foods.

This book offers some vital in depth, current and future trends to ingredient suppliers, R&D Teams, food companies and capital ventures that will help enhance competitive intelligence.

In his entire professional career, Henk Hoogenkamp has been ahead of the curve, oftentimes more right than wrong. With brutal honesty and lots of inside information, Henk gives a fresh voice to the rapidly changing and emerging dynamics of protein technology and its socioeconomic interactions.

Written with a refreshingly straightforward and engaging style, Henk shares practical knowhow reflecting the skills needed to globally nourish and promote wellbeing with great-tasting food for tomorrow and beyond. This is a true and timely book that reflects not only Henk’s pure wisdom and common sense gleaned from years of dedicated and hard-gained experience, but also his unique ability to inspire others to reach the next level of expertise.

“Henk draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play. He hardly knows which is which, leaving it to others to determine whether he is working or playing. To himself, he always appears to be doing both.”

"Never Stop Improving the Future"



1: Global Food Security & Sustainability

2: Protein: First and Foremost
3: Protein Performance
4: Protein Awareness
5: Combining Protein and Natural Food
6: Enzyme Miracles
7: Fermentation

8: Sustainable Plant Protein Ingredients
9: Plants: From Past to Future
10: The Global Plant Meat Revolution
11: Soy Protein: Sharing the Spotlight
12: The Value and Issues of Soy Protein
13: The Pulse: Give Peas a Chance
14: Emerging Plant Protein Choices
15: Potato Plant Protein
16: Rice Bran: The Traditional Innovative Ingredient

17: The World in Transition
18: Protective Foods
19: Global Inequality
20: Climate Change: Nutrition in Harmony
21: Disruptive Food Changes
22: GMO: The Future is Now
23: Meat Consumption Paradigms
24: Obesitas: Illness for Rich and Poor
25: Reassessing Supersize
26: China Rules
27: Ultraprocessed: Eating Too Many Empty Calories
28: GMO: Taste & Labeling is the Driving Force

29: Transformational Plant Meat
30: Impossible: A Burger that Bleeds
31: Inside Extruded Plant Protein
32: Whole Grain Essentials
33: Rice Bran Protein: Symbioses for Life
34: Considering Organic & Natural Food
35: Plant Formulated Beverages

36: Cellular Agriculture Moving Ahead
37: New Age Milk Protein: No Cow’s About It
38: Cell-Cultured Meat for Today’s Future
39: Cultured Meat & Fish: Ready to Grow
40: Social Media & McPlant
41: Natural & Organic Food Labeling

42: E-Health Lifestyle
43: Sugar: Less is More
44: Aging: Sarcopenia & Longevity
45: Heart Health & More
46: The Uncertainties of Healthy Aging
47: The Digitalization of Fast Food
48: Nutraceuticals: Aging in Numbers
49: Girl’s Early Puberty

50: The Gut is Your Brain
51: Active Nutrition: Dairy & Plant in Harmony
52: Diabetes: A Reversible Pathway?
53: Affluent Food & Body Weight
54: Fiber: A Prebiotic Intestinal Natural Need
55: Healthy Aging
56: Gluten-free: Fad or Necessity?
57: Functional Fiber Performance
58: Salt: Taste & Health Considerations

59: Collagen Peptides: Forever Young
60: Water is More than H2O
61: Insects (Entomophagy): Protein for Food?
62: Hemp

“Sustainability – whatever that means to different people – is about our civilization continuing to survive on this planet. Nobody will ever know if that goal has been reached.”