A world renown protein technology expert

Henk Hoogenkamp

Henk Hoogenkamp has a worldwide reach designing and implementing strategic technologies to advance sustainable, nutritionally sound, tasty, and healthy food products. A Board member of public listed companies and also serves on the Advisory Boards of the world’s leading food (ingredient & equipment) companies. Henk is probably the world’s most referenced publicist in food technology, related to implementing animal and plant protein solutions, including sustainable and ecologically-sound hybrid and meat-free foods. Henk has pioneered and continues to be involved using transitional protein solutions in structured meat analog foods.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: Sustainable Plant Protein Ingredients
Chapter 2: Growing Global Food Security
Chapter 3: Food Sustainability Issues
Chapter 4 Greener & Cleaner Food Consumption
Chapter 5: Upcycling: Good Protein Shouldn’t Cost the Earth
Chapter 6: Climate Foods: Nutrition in Harmony
Chapter 7: Food Paradox: New Hunger Limitations
Chapter 8: GMO: The Future Proof is Now
Chapter 9: Disruptive Omnichannel Transformation
Chapter 10: GMO: Taste, Price, Sustainability

Chapter 11: Protein: First and Foremost
Chapter 12: Plants: Questions for the Future
Chapter 13: Protein Performance
Chapter 14: Veganizing Animal Foods
Chapter 15: Emerging Plant Protein Choices
Chapter 16: Protein Awareness

Chapter 17: Mimicking Protein
Chapter 18: Plant Meat Powered Foods
Chapter 19: Soy Protein: Failing or Progressing?
Chapter 20: The Pulse of the Pea Protein Solution
Chapter 21: Pea Protein Delight
Chapter 22: The Value and Issues of Soy Protein
Chapter 23: Upcycled Barley: The Protein Brewery

Chapter 24: Precision Fermentation: Nature Identical Protein
Chapter 25: Myco Protein Ingredients Taking Root
Chapter 26: Bio-identical Precision Fermented Milk Protein
Chapter 27: The Arrival of Cultivated Meat
Chapter 28: Cultivated Meat: Biomass Hype or Reality?
Chapter 29: Cultivated Fish: No More Catching
Chapter 30: Enzyme Plant Miracles
Chapter 31: Cellular Agriculture Moving Ahead
Chapter 32: A Kinder and Greener Egg Protein

Chapter 33: Harvest, Food & People Paradigms
Chapter 34: Transformational Plant Meat
Chapter 35: Fake Meat Feats and Flops
Chapter 36: A Burger that Bleeds
Chapter 37: Structured Plant Protein

Chapter 38: Active Sport Nutrition: Dairy and Plant in Harmony
Chapter 39: Plant Protein Formulated Beverages
Chapter 40: Barley Protein Beverages
Chapter 41: Protective Food
Chapter 42: Natural and Organic Food Labeling
Chapter 43: The Environmental “Foodprint”
Chapter 44: Organic and Natural Foods

Chapter 45: The Roadblocks of Healthy Living & Aging
Chapter 46: Heart Health and More
Chapter 47: Healthy Aging: Sarcopenia and Longevity
Chapter 48: Globesity: Illnesses for Rich and Poor
Chapter 49: Lingering Diabetes type2: A Reversible Pathway?
Chapter 50: Affluent Food and Body Weight
Chapter 51: Nutraceuticals: Aging in Numbers
Chapter 52: Healthy Aging

Chapter 53: No-Catch Seafood
Chapter 54: Global Inequality
Chapter 55: China Rules
Chapter 56: Ultra-processed: Compulsive Eating Junk Foods
Chapter 57: A shift From Tradition
Chapter 58: Reassessing Supersize
Chapter 59: Whole Grain Essentials
Chapter 60: The Artificial Intelligence of Fast Food

Chapter 61: Algorithm-Driven E-Health & Nutrition
Chapter 62: “McWhopper or McHybrid”?
Chapter 63: Gluten-free: Fad or Necessity?
Chapter 64: Sugar: Less Sweet is More
Chapter 65: Fiber: A Prebiotic Intestinal Natural Need
Chapter 66: Gut Glory: The Gut is Your Brain
Chapter 67: Salt: Not a Sweet Story
Chapter 68: Fiber Performance
Chapter 69: Rice Protein: Symbiosis for Life
Chapter 70: Rice bran: A Traditional Innovative Ingredient

Chapter 71: Water is More than H2O
Chapter 72: Hydroponic Organic Health Farming?
Chapter 73: Insects (Entomophagy): Protein for Food?
Chapter 74: Permeate: Another Way for Whey
Chapter 75: Girls Early Puberty
Chapter 76: Forever Young

Navigating Today’s Global Challenges with Henk Hoogenkamp’s “Protein Innovation & Socio-Economic Marketing Observations”

Amidst today’s global challenges—climate change, food insecurity, and shifting health trends—Henk Hoogenkamp’s “Protein Innovation & Socio-Economic Marketing Observations” offers a critical examination of the evolving food landscape. This insightful guide uncovers the potential of sustainable plant proteins, cellular agriculture, and transformative market forces to address the world’s most pressing issues.

Journey through chapters that delve into the intricate connections between food sustainability and climate resilience. Learn how innovative plant proteins and precision fermentation could redefine global food security and nutrition. Explore GMO advancements that promise a future where taste, price, and sustainability coexist harmoniously.

Hoogenkamp sheds light on the delicate balance between technological innovation and socio-economic impact, offering solutions for global hunger, nutrition, and ethical consumption. This book is a must-read for those seeking to understand the transformative potential of food technology in creating a more sustainable and equitable world.

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