A world renown protein technology expert

Henk Hoogenkamp

A world renown protein technology expert and globe-trotting, trusted advisor for food companies, academies and contributor to leading food journals. A powerful thinker and communicator about sustainable protein solutions.

Henk Hoogenkamp has a worldwide reach designing and implementing strategic technologies to advance sustainable, nutritionally sound, tasty, and healthy food products. A Board member of public listed companies and also serves on the Advisory Boards of the world’s leading food (ingredient & equipment) companies. Henk is probably the world’s most referenced publicist in food technology, related to implementing animal and plant protein solutions, including sustainable and ecologically-sound hybrid and meat-free foods. Henk has pioneered and continues to be involved using transitional protein solutions in structured meat analog foods.

Hoogenkamp’s grand vision has clearly turned into reality now that world’s largest food service companies are using plant protein solutions to provide wholesome and affordable nutrition to meet or exceed the consumer expectations.

As evolving lifestyles, food choices and its related dynamic society diagnostics, continue to accelerate. Henk’s latest work on plant protein solutions is timely and enlightening for the food and meat industry to better anticipate the world of tomorrow.