Rice Protein & Beyond

Sustainable Food Solutions, Nutrition, Health, Security & Dynamic Societal Diagnosis


In his groundbreaking book Rice Protein & Beyond, Henk Hoogenkamp, world renowned protein expert and author, explores the areas of emerging plant protein solutions which will shape the future of formulated foods. Henk takes us into a new dimension of combined food protein strategies that he believes will drive health, affordability and sustainability issues in the years to come.

As a pioneer of protein solutions, Henk Hoogenkamp examines the influence of protein selection criteria and the profound effects on (sub)related variables such as ecology, sustainability, protein quality, societal diagnostics. Besides an ongoing food evolution there is a revolution which is emerging to serve the rapidly expanding world population together with its spin-off developments such as protein supplementation, meatfree, glutenfree, hypoallergenicity, diabetes mellitus, sarcopenia and calorie intake management.

This book contains intentional repetition; a concept that supports learning. Functional rice protein and rice bran ingredients have emerged at the scene only recently. Subsequently, many observations in this book are evidence-based and empirical of nature.

I trust that my readers will tolerate when I state that rice protein is part of a multi-factorial solution, with multi mechanisms to optimize formulated food criteria. I hope to portray how rice bran and rice protein may interact to provide synergistic interventions that may promote health, longevity, organoleptic performance, and food cost efficiency.